The tender unconditionality

The tender unconditionality
The tender unconditionality

Unconditionality is absolute!

And there it is, eternal unconditionality. But man, in developing the free will given to him, is allowed to dream a tiny illusion of skepticism. Deeply frightened by this freedom, he now fears what he saw as omnipotent and whose existence he had doubted. From the tiny particle of disbelief, by exacerbating this microscopic doubt, this judgment, he created his sad, lonely world, in which from then on he tried to hide from the absoluteness of creation.

Unconditionality is loving

True love does not exist in judgment?

In this world of judgment, doubt, fragmentation, true love has no place. Every single word of the so-called “communication” carried out by people not only reduces it to absurdity, but also paints it as ridiculous. This makes it clear that nothing that seems to be perceived apart from this absoluteness could make the slightest sense.

The belief that unconditionality is death?

There’s the crux of the matter: in bright moments, we find ourselves confronted with an absoluteness that simply frightens us. What’s more: from our vantage point, caught in the presumption of guilt, we associate this feeling, this actually indescribable something, with death, at the same time knotted with our concept of whatever “God”. This is pure fear. Terror, uncertainty, perhaps, horror.